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Ponder Points

A Ponder Point is a significant, outstanding, or effective idea, argument or suggestion that needs to be weighed in the mind with thoroughness and care.

Friday, September 16, 2005

125 Years - Our True Life Span

Is our true life span supposed to be 125 years? That is what a lot of researchers believe. Shigenobu Okuma, the founder of Waseda University, always talked about the 'life of 125 years' theory. According to this theory, "a human being can live to 125 years of age. He will be able to live out his natural lifespan as long as he takes good care of his health". The logic behind it is physiologists say that every animal has the ability to live 5 times as long as its growth period. Since a man is said to require about 25 years to become fully mature, he can live up to 125 years of age based on this logic. Shigenobu Okuma, who was Prime Minister of Japan twice, organized his second cabinet at the age of 77 and lived to 83 years of age. He said, "I wish I could have understood this 'life of 125 years' theory 30 years earlier". But he led a regular life and lived fairly long considering the average lifespan of Japanese then.

The late Ben Sweetland also stated that he believed that 125 years is the true lifespan of humans. When asked why people do not often reach this age he said that one factor is that we are conditioned from birth to believe that 70 years is the best we can expect. According to Sweetland our subconcious works toward this goal rather than 125 years.

What would you do different if you knew you would live to be 125 years old? Go back to school and get that degree? Start a business? If what a lot of experts say is true, then 70 years old is only a little over middle age. This opens up a whole lot of options doesn't it? Heck that means I am still a youngster. Happy ponderings!


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