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Ponder Points

A Ponder Point is a significant, outstanding, or effective idea, argument or suggestion that needs to be weighed in the mind with thoroughness and care.

Monday, September 19, 2005

10 Commandments For A Happy Marriage

The late Ben Sweetland listed his "10 Commandments For A Happy Marriage" in his book "I Can" which was published in 1953. I think they are just as applicable today as they were in 1953. Here they are for you to ponder:

1. Keep Yourself Sold to Each Other. You created a good impression before marriage. Continue to create a good impression after marriage. This is easy to do and the rewards are great.

2. It Is More Blessed to Give than to Receive. In giving, do not be guided by what you might receive in return. The act of giving should be its own reward. Happiness comes from giving happines.

3. Marriage Should Not Destroy Individuality. Entering marriage is a partnership, not ownership of one individual by another. A yoke around the neck soon begins to chafe.

4. Never Pry into the Affairs of Your Mate. Pockets, handbags, letters and dresser drawers should be private to their owners. Suspicion creates inharmony which can have an unhappy ending.

5. Never Retire at Night with Any Differences Existing Between You. A good-night kiss should be a must in every home. This prevents little differences from growing into big ones.

6. Compliment Each Day. Giving sincere compliments each day trains you to look for the good things in your mate instead of otherwise. The importance of this commandment cannot be overestimated.

7. Never Permit Jealousy to Enter Your Home. When jealousy steps in.... love walks out. Jealousy and love will not remain together. The more you trust your mate, the more the trust will be deserved.

8. When Separated Through Circumstances, Write Love Letters. After a couple has been married a few years, and occasional love letter will keep the spark of romance brightly burning.

9. Operate on a Budget Basis. Money problems will often disturb the harmony of a home. Handle your finances sanely. Earn a little, spend a little, save a little. You can be generous with each other ...... yet thrifty.

10. Be Good to your In-Laws. There are two sets of them. If you show love and respect for your in-laws, your mate is most likely to be as considerate of yours. In-laws are real people.


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